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Strategic Social Media wants to help you learn the ins and outs for social media for your business or personal needs. The world of social media is always changing, and we will help you stay up to date with the latest updates.



Social Media Management allows your business to have a presence on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest without you having to spend time working the platforms. 

If Strategic Social Media manages your social we will make sure your accounts are updated a couple times a week, interesting and unique content is created and shared, and an authentic audience is built on your account.

As the business owner, management allows you to be as involved or uninvolved in your social media presence as you want.


Social Media Consulting allows you to brush up on your social media knowledge, learn more about running a Facebook ad, best practices when creating content, or how to schedule posts.

You and your business will sign on with Strategic Social Media for a minimum of 6 weeks and during that time all of your social media will be reviewed, and then tips, tricks, and new ideas will be discussed with you to be sure your social media is as

strong as it can be.

Other Digital Marketing

Online marketing has become an in-depth industry changing to include social media, plus websites design, website maintenance, e-mail marketing, SEO, ad words, blog writing, content creation...and so much more!

All of these services are available through Strategic Social Media!



Our clients keep us going as a business...and we're so thankful for that! With over 50 different businesses that trust Strategic Social Media to manage their social media needs, so many of them are vastly different from the rest.


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